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I'm Sparkly?

I’m Sparkly?September 18, 2009 by Rita Messina
Went to a zydeco dance last night and had a most excellent time. Ran into the woman who I wrote about in my first blog. I was surprised to find out she didn’t have a PHD. She is scary smart. I’m not scary smart and what I don’t have in brain power I make up in personality or so I’m told. My best friend, LB, told me the other day I was in a sparkly mode. OK, whatever that means. Then she calls me today and tells me she had lunch with a mutual friend who was there last night and this friend asked about me and told LB that I looked great, that I was sparkling. Now two women have said this, so it got me to thinking (doesn’t take much for the wheels to start turning in this brain). Last month I was checking my bags at the Houston airport and the porter waived the $15.00 fee for the bag and the $50.00 fee for overage. So I had done a little shopping. He told me he does that for all the beautiful women. I floated into the airport and didn’t even mind the fact I was placed into a tin can like a sardine and forced to sit with this guys elbow under my rib cage for 4 hours while hurtling through the air at 5000 mph. Such a sweet and simple remark and a month later I’m still drawing on it. It doesn’t take much to make most women go through what my friends and I call the “uglies”. One little pimple, a bad haircut, wearing that taxi cab yellow blouse when you know it’s wrong, all wrong or stepping on the scales, such minor things in our lives can throw one into the uglies. Well, except for getting on the scale – that can be major biggie for me so I just quit doing that. Why is it that something so minute can throw us into a downward spiral and again, something so insignificant can put us on top of the world. I work hard at being positive, and some days it is harder work than others. Take yesterday for example, I burned my arm on my blow dryer (don’t ask) and the cat had diarrhea. Is that a good way to start the morning? I should say not, but on the drive to work I realized I had the crappy (pardon the pun) part of the day over, the rest was uphill. So I decided to sparkle. I was in a great mood all day and even after 3 hours of sleep last night, it continued on through today. I decided to try a little experiment as I was grocery shopping this evening. I looked people in the eye and smiled at them and every one smiled back. On the way out to the car this drop dead gorgeous young man was walking towards me. I had my head wrapped around something else but looked over at him and he was staring right at me. I smiled at him and he grinned at me, quite flirtatiously. I checked to make sure my zipper was up and my blouse was buttoned which they were, thank you very much. Trust me blogladytes, I am deeply entrenched in my 50’s and have the typical Sicilian peasant body, as wide as I am tall and a face that was only going on 1 cylinder after 3 hours of sleep last night. I’m not a sappy person, I don’t pass on the cutesy emails that come to me. I send them to the burn pile. I have a biting wit filled with pithy sarcasm and I am admittedly, very self depracating. But I try to balance that out with spreading the love. Giving compliments when deserved. Holding out that helping hand. It really does something to your world when you choose to be in a good mood. When you laugh at the burn pattern on your arm. And you still love that cat that created a Pollack painting all over the laundry room.

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